Walk for Life 2014 - Saturday, May 10, 2014 @ 9:30am

Individually or as a group/team
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“Tips” for raising funds and awareness for Ruth Harbor’s

Walk for Life!

  • Communicate Ruth Harbor’s mission
  • Tell the listener why and how you are being supportive.
  • Invite the listener to join you in some way (walk, support, and/or pray).

Some practical ideas to consider: 

  • Send an e-mail with link to your walker webpage
  • Ask for donations in lieu of birthday gift
  • Pass on your manicure or that extra latte this week, donate the savings to Ruth Harbor
  • Add Ruth Harbor Walk information to you voicemail message
  • Add a note about Ruth Harbor’s walk under your email signature
  • Post a donation form in your lunchroom.
  • Ask businesses that you frequent for a donation
  • Share Ruth Harbor’s story with your small group or your church
  • Drop your change in a “Ruth Harbor Jar” -  have one for home and one for the office
  • Keep your sponsors updated on your progress toward your goal

Be Creative!
Save the Date!

Ruth Harbor's
Walk for Life
Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 9:30am

About Ruth Harbor

Ruth Harbor is a 6-8 resident home, the key word being HOME, located in Des Moines. It provides young women who are alone and facing unplanned pregnancies a truly viable option -- a safe harbor -- by providing housing, education, counseling, health care, parenting training or adoption assistance, spiritual support and more for the duration of their pregnancies.

More Than Just Another Social Program. The key difference between Ruth Harbor and other programs helping pregnant women is that the goal is to bring about a life change which ends the cycle of self-defeating behavior. This interdenominational ministry was founded on the belief that a personal relationship with Christ is at the center of life change. The circumstances which bring women to Ruth Harbor are of little consequence, who they are and how they feel about themselves when they leave is the focus. Grace is the key philosophy of this program.

Adoption Counseling And Parenting Classes. All women will receive counseling to help them decide what to do once their children are born. Women who decide to parent their baby will be required to attend parenting classes. Those who choose adoption will be well-informed about their options and assisted through the process.